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March 11, 2023

A young field on a fast two stage Greek odyssey

Let´s face it anytime of year is a great time to be in Rhodes.
Early Spring is no exception.

Our first race in Greece this season promised to be a fast one, considering the young field announced by the organisers.
Our young guns were primed and ready.

On the first stage Felix managed to finish fourth with the chasing bunch, three seconds behind the winner. Yuhi and Kiya finished strongly with the second bunch 12 seconds down.

It was a fast and wet start on the second and final stage - typically a recipe for disaster and there were plenty of crashes. Fortunately we were not involved and Felix once again delivered the goods sprinting into second place at the finish.

In GC this result put Felix on the podium in 3rd place for the tour.

"Felix knew he could do well after the first stage and he carried that confidence through right to the finish line"

- Bosseau Boshoff

Title photograph courtesy of Rhodes International Cycling Events (Nassos Triantafyllou)

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